About UW Provision

We are known as The Meat People for a reason

UW Provision is one of the largest providers of

fresh, frozen, and dry good products in the Midwest

Restaurants, meat markets, wholesalers, grocery stores, supermarkets, correctional institutions, and for-profit and nonprofit organizations are among its valued customers. UW Provision specializes in the manufacture and distribution of fresh and frozen beef, veal, poultry, pork, lamb, and seafood products. Although UW Provision specializes in meat, the company also sells and distributes cheese, butter, eggs, pasta and potato salads, hamburger and hot dog buns, desserts, and sauces.

At approximately 100,000 square feet, UW Provision’s plant is one of the largest in the industry. Massive freezers and warehouses allow UW Provision to make opportunity buys as well as stock a large inventory. This ensures the availability of UW Provision’s products on a timely basis to benefit their variety of customers.

UW Provision owns two retail stores, The Meat Market in Middleton and Local Source Foods in Sun Prairie. Touted as “Dane County’s Best Kept Secret,” The Meat Market and Local Source Foods are open to the general public (no membership required) to provide the same restaurant-quality products to consumers in the area. The Meat Market and Local Source Foods are stocked daily and carry a wide variety of products including fresh and frozen meat, cheese, pasta and potato salads, hamburger and hot dog buns, desserts, beer, liquor, and condiments/sauces.

Even though much has changed in the world since UW Provision founder Jim Kalscheur purchased the UW Meat Market in 1958, the company’s core values and goals remain the same. UW Provision’s family of dedicated employees provide efficient, friendly, and professional service as well as high quality food products at competitive prices to our customers.

Our Mission

UW Provision, supported by its family of dedicated employees, is committed to providing its customers with high quality, inspected food products at competitive prices. The goal of UW Provision is efficient, professional distribution of a wide menu of food products that link its business partners (farmers, foods service companies, restaurants and grocers) to its customers for the mutual benefit of all parties.

Our Core Values


UW Provision communicates with its employees, customers and suppliers in a respectful and fair way in order to develop valued and trusted partnerships.


UW Provision adheres to high standards of quality, products, and services in its business practices, and strives for innovative and creative solutions.


UW Provision operates in ethical and honest ways to ensure responsibility for its actions.

social responsibility

UW Provision upholds its social responsibility of contributing back to the community and acting as a steward of the environment.


UW Provision, since 1958, has a proud tradition of consistent family leadership and continued success that is dependent upon the collective energy, intelligence, and commitment of its team of employees.