Fresh Meat Cut Daily!

We cut fresh meat every single day!







   We use USDA inspected beef and quality- branded
   pork. All of our cutters have 10 or more years of
   experience in all facets of the meat cutting industry
   so you can be sure you’re getting the highest level
   of expertise!





Our boneless beef is aged 25-30 days.

Why age beef?

   Aging beef impacts both tenderness and flavor.
   Aging is a process that goes back thousands of
    years, it is when  you take a piece of meat and put
    it into a controlled open air environment to go
    through a flavor transformation! When the meat is
    exposed to air, the moisture is pulled out and
    natural enzymes in the beef break the muscles
    down slowly over time, making the beef tender
   and smooth. Aging beef also develops a rich and
   full flavor.




How can aged beef not spoil?

The key to aging beef is consistency! The things we
constantly monitor with our aging beef are air flow,
humidity control, and temperature. All of these things
together give us our dark-red and beautifully aged
cuts of beef.







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